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Who We Are...
The Humane Society of Faulkner County is an all volunteer, 501c3 nonprofit animal advocacy/rescue organization. We are funded exclusively by local donations, fundraisers and grants.​
What We Do...

Did you know that nearly 70,000 kittens and puppies are born every day in the United States?  That statistic is exactly why we founded Companions Spay/Neuter clinic in 2007.  We knew the ONLY way to reduce the homeless animal problem in Faulkner County was to PREVENT it.  Since the clinic's opening, almost 60,000 animals have been fixed. 
The clinic building and equipment are leased to a veterinarian and his staff to operate. HSFC’s primary purpose is to supply the staff with volunteers and additional funds to help offer low cost spay/neuter surgeries to the public. 

Companions Thrift Store: HSFC operates and owns at 2219 Washington Avenue in Conway.  The thrift shop's proceeds have been generating funds for all our programs since 1996.  Follow our thrift store on Facebook! 

Sick and Injured Animal Help: We rescue sick and injured homeless animals, but we also help the pets of family's who can't afford to treat there suffering pets.  HSFC has a small network of foster homes who specialize in rehabing injured dogs and cats until adopted.  

Petsmart Cat Adoption Program: We work in conjunction with Petsmart to find homes for homeless kitties! An adoption center is located in Conway's Petsmart. Glass front kitty condos serve as temporary housing for available kitties until adopted.  

Pet Food Pantry: Our Pet Food Pantry supplies cat and dog food to needy area citizens who may have fallen on hard times and cannot feed their pets. This program has been feeding pets in Faulkner County since 1996.

 Low Cost Vaccination Clinics:   Our volunteers work in conjunction with Companions Spay/Neuter Clinic's staff  to hosts low cost vaccination clinics to keep cost down and pass the savings on to you.  Shots are just $10 or $25 for the annual package! http://www.companionsspayandneuter.com/Vaccine-Clinic.html
​Did You Know?
Many people are surprised to learn that we don't have a shelter. In fact, there is no shelter outside the city limits of Conway for Faulkner County residents to help with animal related concerns. County residents are encouraged to contact the sheriff's department to report animal issues. Newly enacted animal control ordinances have recently been established and now deputies are presumed to enforce any infractions. Citizens are encouraged to report any and all to the sheriff's department.  See ordinances here: http://www.fcso.ar.gov/page.php?id=2 
Get more info regarding the future Faulkner County Shelter's progress. 

People often confuse us with  the Conway Animal Welfare Shelter, but they are a city funded shelter and we are an all volunteer group. Sometimes we are also mistaken for Faulkner County SPCA, yet they are a different organization entirely. Our name is somewhat of a misnomer and has caused a little confusion through the years. The reality is that we have many great programs, but running a shelter is one best left to the county officials of Faulkner County. 
      Welcome to the Humane Society of Faulkner County!
Our mission is to help people help animals through spay/neuter assistance programs, affordable vaccination clinics, pet food donations and rescue for sick 
and injured animal.
Spay/Neuter Assistance:  We created a spay/neuter assistance fund in memory of our beloved volunteer, Sloan Swindle. She lost her battle to cancer, but her passion for animals will live on through this fund. Since its inception in 2012, the fund has gifted over $125,000 to help people fix their pets to prevent the misery of pet overpopulation in Faulkner County. This fund is available for use at Companions Spay/Neuter Clinic in Greenbrier and offers financial assistance to qualifying households needing to sterilize their pets. Currently, proceeds from the Humane Society's Thrift Shop and monthly Bingo endows the fund. http://www.companionsspayandneuter.com/Grant-Assistance.html